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Atlantic Isle Nautical Bedding. C & F Atlantic Isle Bedding.

The collection of C & F Atlantic Isle bedding is definitely made with a nautical theme. It is a very tasteful and mature theme, which focuses on everything related to the sea.

Many retail and online stores offer pieces from this design. They are attractive, yet simply made, to enhance the decor of any room in a seaside cottage. It is also a great design for those who love the ocean and sailing. There are a few different patterns in this product.

A quilt or comforter comes with a patchwork of nautical themes. A lighthouse, anchor, sailboat and life-preserver each come on a different colored square. The entire piece comes in navy, red, white and light blue. It includes smaller sections of classic navy pinstripes, which give the piece a mature look.

One of the best features of the Atlantic Isle bedding collection is its ability to work with many rooms. It is as suitable for a child as for an adult or couple. It will look great with darker wood furniture, as well as with the whites often used in the cottage style decor. The color scheme is a great balance of lighter and darker shades. It provides enough color to liven a room, yet is will not overpower the overall look.

The various pieces in this set can be mixed and matched, with a combination of prints and solids. Throw pillows and shams can come with the sailboat theme or in solid blues. Sheets are available in either the nautical print or solid steel-blue. The dust ruffle comes in the classic navy and white pin stripe and looks good with both the print and solid pieces. Those who want a variety of pillows can mix the classic shams with the throw pillows.

For those who want to carry out the nautical theme to other areas of the home, print napkins and table runners are also available in this themes. Prices for the quilt range from $120 for the twin size, to $190 for the king size. Shams are priced around $30 and sheet sets start at around $45. The items can be purchased from stores that sell finer bedding products.

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